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Gender Issues Digest – Edition 42 April 29, 2007

Posted by The Editor in Gender Issues Digest.

Welcome to another bumper edition of Gender Issues Digest – this one covering notable Gender Issues news in March and April. Regular readers may have noticed that we have been off our normal 2-week cycle for the past 3 months and we plead guilty as charged thanks to a hectic work and travel schedule. As things settle down, we will hopefully be back to our normal routine sooner rather than later.

If time is short on your end as well, here are some recommended reads in this issue:

  • Emmeline Pankhurst‘s infamous 1913 speech, arguably the speech that gave birth to Western feminism. Read the whole speech in 3 parts or get the gist from the edited version. Pankhurst was one of the leaders of the suffragette movement.
  • Get an update on the issue of abortion in the USA, UK and Mexico under a variety of articles in that section. Particularly relevant for the USA case is the law article on the woman-protective legislation.
  • The obituary of Mary Crisp provides a well-drawn portrait of a courageous Republican woman who went up against her own party for her belief in the woman’s right to choose.
  • A Muslim woman finds that she is discriminated against for her choice of swimwear in Oxford as opposed to the American South.

Happy reading and discussing!


Recommended Blog

 Women’s space/The Margins

Interviews, Profiles and Obituaries

Interview: Andrea Madarassy – The woman leading the fight for working mothers

Interview: Ann Sophie Pic – First female Michelin 3-star chef in France for 50 years

Interview: Camellia Panjabi – Indian entrepreneur and owner of food empire

Interview: Leslie Bennetts – Author and U.S. advocate for working mothers

Interview: A.M. Homes – Writer

Interview: “It’s okay to be dark”, Madeleine Peyroux – contemporary interpretive jazz-blues singer

Interview: “Now we’ve got a backlash”, Meera Syal – British Asian comedian and writer

Interview: Sophie Ellis Baxtor – British pop diva

Interview: Katharine Hamnett – Green British fashion designer

Interview: Tyra Banks, supermodel, on weight, body image and the media

Interview: Segolene Royal – potential next President of France

Interview: Julie Christie – Actress and 60s icon

Profile: Barbara Stanwyck – late American actress 

Profile: Daphne Du Maurier – late novelist

Profile: ‘Ask me anything!’ – Beth Ditto on her new fortnightly agony aunt column

Obituary: Mary Crisp – GOP official rebuked by Reagan over her views on abortion, aged 83

Obituary: Dakota Staton – charismatic jazz vocalist known for her ‘blues ballads’, aged 76

Obituary: Juanita Millender-McDonald – who represented California in House, aged 68

Special focus: Emmeline Pankhurst, a mother of women’s rights

Freedom or Death, p1

Freedom or Death, p2

Freedom or Death, p3

Freedom or Death – edited

Issue: The State of Gender Politics Today

The liberation of the sexes from their pink and blue fates have hardly begun

Up the revolution! Why there are so many good reasons to be a modern feminist

We’ve never had it so good – does Generation Y’s women’s lives really live up to the hype?

Who says middle age is a crisis for men?

The significance of the boy-girl ratio in British schools today

Why a woman’s place is in the kitchen

Mother of all blunders

Issue: Women, Work and Achievement

After adopting term limits, states lose female legislators

Beauty before age – on rising star in photography, Alex Prager

Why men can’t manage women and why women in their 30s are increasingly striking out on their own

A new breed of ‘olderpreneurs’ – women striking out on their own after retirement

City trader says bank’s culture of sexism forced her out of job

When will we stop penalising working mothers?

Mothers face job discrimination, according to report

Tesco joins job share scheme to help women

Computer science takes steps to bring women into the fold

Failure for these women could haunt a generation of politicians

In praise of… women in business

Ladies who lug – female band managers and roadies

Menstruation question outrages India’s female professionals

No dumb blonde

Wellesley class sees ‘one of us’ bearing standard

When women lost the lead in the film industry

Why Fergie and Heather Mills have been reborn in the USA

Clinton gladly plays the gender card

BBC Dragon: I wouldn’t hire fat people

Issue: Violence against Women

Huntley sex victim wins damages

Japanese businessman acquitted over Blackman’s murder

How the web became a sexist’s paradise

A call for manners in the world of nasty blogs

Life after rape in the Congo

Japan’s ‘atonement’ to former sex slaves stirs anger

‘They keep on killing and killing’ – the killing of women and girls in Guatamala

‘The abuse wasn’t about sex. It was about control’

Pope ‘did not help girls abused by Florence priest’

Polygamous Nigerian lesbians flee Sharia

Dangers for women travelling solo

Teenage victim of asylum scandal faces deportation

Issue: The Politics of Contraception, Abortion and Reproduction

Mexico City legalises abortion early in term

Vote could end Mexico’s abortion subculture

Abortion doesn’t boost breast cancer risk according to large-scale long-term study

U.S. Supreme Court upholds ban on abortion procedure

The new politics of abortion: An equality analysis of woman-protective abortion restrictions

Abortions ‘crisis’ threatens Britain’s NHS

‘Intolerant’ doctors blamed for looming abortion crisis

Nurses ‘could perform abortions’

Delay in detecting pregnancy blamed for many late abortions in the UK

‘I knew where I stood on abortion. But I had to rethink.’

Spitzer pushing bill to shore up abortion rights in New York state

Bush’s US$1bln ‘Don’t have sex’ campaign a flop

Pill that eliminates period gets mixed reviews

Perfect timing – can natural family planning work?

Woman loses final embryo appeal

Let her choose

Women face rationing of fertility treatment in UK

Issue: Gender and Health

Anorexics given new rights

A new plan to combat obesity in UK schoolgirls

Building strong bones in the womb

‘I was born without a womb’

Device offers hope in cutting stillbirth rates

Mothers miss a ‘friend’ as health visitors decline

What women want – home births

While women in the developing world are dying in childbirth, why are we fetishising doing it at home?

Red meat ups breast cancer risk

HRT linked to 1000 deaths from cancer

Breast cancer rates fell after hormone treatments declined

Texas legislators block shots for girls against cancer virus

Issue: Gender and Sexuality

Seeking the keys to sexual desire

Pas de deux of sexuality is written in the genes

Mysteries of sexual desire

Sex theme park to open in London

Everything you need for an all-night party

God and his gays

Who are you calling a virgin?

Issue: Modern dating, marriage and relationships

A ‘First Spouse’ in France? Not any time soon.

Living with a real size zero

Anatomy of a marriage

Around the world in 80 dates

Giving new meaning to ‘whirlwind courtship’

Hey! You’re breaking up on me!

It pays to be picky in love

Love’s labour’s lost

Why is it no longer acceptable for a woman to say her greatest aspiration is to fall in love?

With this ring…

Would you buy a date from a cad?

In a crowded online field, it’s more than a pet project

Romantic revulsion in the new century – Flaw-o-matic 2.0

The perils of dating with family in tow

Chinese slough off old barriers to divorce

Issue: The state of the modern family

A letter to my ‘bad’ granma

One-parent families on the rise in the UK

Bee Lavender on having a child at 18

India’s shrinking families

The women laughed as they forced toddlers to fight

Numbers drop for the Married-with-Children

‘Sometimes I feel a bit of a fraud’ – does not being a biological mother make a woman unfit to be a grandmother?

Issue: Gender, Fashion, Beauty and Self-Image

A touch of the oh-la-la – how French women look after themselves

Age-old rules – how to grow old gracefully in dressing

‘How do I look?’ – Cilla Black, British Singer and TV presenter, age 67

‘I felt more welcome in the Bible belt’ – a Muslim woman on discrimination against her Islamic swimwear

Nancy Pelosi, respectfully maintaining her own image

Never knowingly undersized

Time to put an end to skinny-bashing

The Kate divide

Tweens ‘R’ Shoppers

Designing women of the WNBA

Top surgeons offer budget breast ops

In apparel, all tariffs aren’t created equal


‘China women town’ to be built

Queens of mean

Women in basketball team unsure if they will accept Imus’s apology


International Women’s Day: The Telegraph, Calcutta April 29, 2007

Posted by Somak Ghoshal in Asia: India.
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Editor’s note: The appearance of this posting below by Somak has been long-delayed due to my own busy schedule. Do accept my apologies and enjoy the read!

The Telegraph, Calcutta, did a special oped page on the International Women’s Day, on March 8. In order to bypass the platitudes, we had put to three important Indian women one question: What has it been like to inhabit a women’s body? Their responses were supplemented by a short extract (in translation) from an all-time favourite work by one of the pre-eminent Bengali women writers, Leela Mazumdar, who turned 100 this year. I am pasting the link to the web version of this page below. Hope you’ll enjoy reading it.


Eating Habits Survey March 10, 2007

Posted by The Editor in Public Service Announcements.
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Via a listserve:

We’re investigating self perceptions and eating habits in men and women. The study is part of a joint Oxford Uni and Brookes student project, and we are seeking men and women to complete an on line survey.

It’s interesting to do, and doesn’t take too much time. The study can be found at:


The study does have ethical approval from both Universities.

For any inquiries, contact:

Myra Cooper
Oxford Doctoral Course in Clinical Psychology
University of Oxford
Warneford Hospital
Oxford OX3 7JX

email: myra.cooper@hmc.ox.ac.uk

tel: +44 (0) 1865 226431
fax:+44 (0) 1865 226364

Free Gender and Development journal articles for download March 10, 2007

Posted by The Editor in Public Service Announcements.

Via a Gender Issues Digest reader in Oxford: 

In celebration of International Women’s Day, Oxfam Great Britain  is pleased to announce that selected articles from our two journals are freely available for download until 31 March 2007. 

These include articles from the journal Gender & Development on climate change, and also articles on ending impunity for violence against women and girls from Development in Practice.

Also featured are examples of Oxfam’s publications on Gender and Diversity, as well as a link to the We Can coalition campaign pages on the Oxfam GB website which includes short video clips.

For access to these resources, please click on the link below. Please feel free to forward this offer onto your colleagues in other organisations.


Happy International Women’s Day March 8, 2007

Posted by The Editor in From the Editor.
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To the women reading this blog – go celebrate the fact that you’ve been born a woman. Too few of us remember to do that.

And, if you can, don’t forget to give something back today in the name of women’s causes.

Gender Issues Digest – Edition 41 (Bumper Edition) February 28, 2007

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Interviews, Profiles and Obituaries

Interview: Taking the fight to Islam – Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Activist

Interview: Live to tell – Arundhati Roy, award-winning Indian novelist and activist

Interview: Solving puzzles in the hills – Jane Smiley, award-winning American novelist

Interview: ‘I’m Asian and different – it’s good’ – Kiran Matharu, first female British Asian golf champion

Interview: Seeing with sound – Aquanetta Gordon, mother who raised blind son to ‘see’ with sound

Interview: He’s the Bond Girl, not me – Eva Green, Actress

Interview: An act of defiance – Amelia Warner, Actress

Interview: A woman of character – Emily Watson, Actress

Interview: Fat is a fashionable issue – Diane von Furstenburg, fashion designer

Profile: For phobia to fame: a Southern cook’s memoir – Paul Deen, American food personality

Profile: In step with what women want – Tamara Mellon, president of the Jimmy Choo empire

Profile: The new Oprah? – Arianna Huffington, American Political commentator

Profile: Her subject, and maturity, go way beyond her years – Sarah Polley, Actress

Profile: A very modern muse – Colleen McLoughlin

Obituary: Adelaide Tambo, South African activist who fought apartheid – died age 77

Obituary: Celia Franca, founder of National Ballet of Canada – died age 85

Obituary: Molly Ivins shook the walls with her clarion call – died age 62

Obituary: R. Silberman, her group opposed tide of feminism – died age 69

Obituary: Anna Nicole Smith, headline-generating model and actress – died age 39

Opinion and Review

Barbara Ellen: Selective amnesia

Oliver James: Blind feminism has hurt our children

Paul McInnes: Tied up in knots

Zoe Williams: You are vain and stupid

Liz Sheppard-Jones: Women can worry about their weight and be intelligent too

India Knight: It’s not unfeminist to go on a diet

Betty Clark: How I clipped the Dixie Chicks’ wings

Joanna Moorhead: Just say no to cooking

Issue: The State of Modern Feminism

Were those the days, my friends?

Cosmo at 35 – still sexy and campaigning but is it still cutting edge?

Divas of disaster

Girl Guides see a future lighted by sex bias and pressure to be thin

On calling a woman a bitch

Sorority evictions raise issue of looks and bias

Why is rape so easy to get away with?

Issue: Women, Work and Achievement

Flat tire? Looks like a job for Nigeria’s ‘lady mechanics’

Progress is skin deep

Mothers face job discrimination

Murder, she wrote

Lawyers split on Linda Singer’s fitness for office

Leaders of the pack – the genesis of all-girl bands

The magnificent seven

Issue: Women in Politics

Mom is at home in the House, Senate

Hilary targets women’s votes

Issue: Women in Islamic Countries

Afghan women’s quiet revolution hangs by a thread

Islam’s pioneering women priests

Islamic feminists on the move

Sexual repression in Syria

Issue: The State of Modern Relationships

Dinner, movie… and a background check

No sex please, we’re married

The truth about (not so) Smug Marrieds

Observer panel: Can you flirt and still be a good spouse?

Do you think I’m sexy? – On the Older Woman-Younger Man pairing

It is a truth universally acknowledged that I must be in want of a wife. Well get this – I’M NOT!

So unlucky in love

Korean men use brokers to find wives in Vietnam

We’re having a special relationship – transatlantic marriages

Men are the poor relations with housework 

Movie stars plus marriage equals disaster

Issue: The Politics of Reproduction, Contraception and Abortion

Is the right to abortion under threat?

Girl or boy? As fertility technology advances, so does an ethical debate

Male biological clock – It seems the fertility clock ticks for men too

New mom, 67, lied to L.A. fertility clinic

Psst! Ask for donor 1913

Women will be paid to donate eggs for science

Sex, lies and the Morning-after pill

America’s abortion battlefield

Portugal votes to end abortion ban

The doctor said to me: ‘Couldn’t you just go through with the pregnancy?’

Indian government to raise abandoned girls

Issue: Gender and Alternative Sexualities

Gay bishop says no to ultimatum

Gay Jews connect their experience to story of Purim

Anglicans head for deadlock in talks to avoid schism over gay blessings

Catholic threat on gay rights law

We can take stereotypes

Gaydar: Let’s talk about sex

University to ban gay marriages on campus

The lady regrets

Issue: Gender and Health

‘I was entirely alone’ – Tom Dodds on his anorexia and anorexia in men

Anna Carolina Reston – the model who starved herself to death

Sister of tragic ‘size zero’ model found dead

Taking a bite out of eating disorders

Hard to swallow – comment piece on anorexia and the fashion industry

Too much, too young – on eating disorders in children

Expectant mums getting ‘too fat’

Hong Kong’s draw for pregnant Chinese

Down Syndrome screenng recommended for all expectant mums

Separated at birth – on post-natal disorders

Second-class delivery

Gay men seek ‘female’ cancer jab

Male jab to reduce cervical cancer

Most men unhappy with penis ops

Uncircumcised pupils sent home

Condoms ‘too big’ for Indian men

Issue: Gender, Family and Parenthood

Shame bad fathers 

Marriage policies not the cure

Fathers and flexible working

Historic ruling for adoption employee

Is multi-dadding the future of parenting?

You ask me if I’m lonely

Working the Mom network

Issue: Gender, Beauty and Fashion

The bloody pursuit of perfection

Grey’s Anatomy… and closet

And thanks to my agent, my skin doctor…

The magic of shoes

How I learned to love my hairy bits


Second World War ‘sex slaves’ to testify before Congress

Girls just need to be young

Russell Crowe dumps cheerleaders

The 50 men who really understand women

Not so plain Jane

Pole dancing parties catch on in book club country

Repeat after me: We need more men

China fears bachelor future

Gender Issues Digest – Issue 40 January 14, 2007

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Interviews, Profiles and Obituaries

Interview: A woman of character – Emily Watson

Interview: I’m no baby-snatcher – Marie Golby

Interview: Take a girl like you – Billie Piper

Interview: The funniest woman you never heard of – Sharon Horgan

Interview: Illicit passions and a walk on the red carpet

Interview: Not everybody loves Patricia – Patricia Heaton

Profile: BBC Faces of the year – women

Profile: Sister sleuths seek heirloom recipes

Profile: Bio-hazard – Nadine Gordimer

Women and Achievement

The year of leading ladies on the London stage

Backstory: Their place is in their kitchen

Headhunters at Harvard may pick a woman

From thong to thesis: Monica Lewinsky flashes her intellect

Issue: Gender and Alternative Sexualities

Indian athlete fails gender test

Massachusetts considers gay marriage ban

Issue: The politics of Conception, Reproduction and Abortion

High-fertility drugs put mothers and daughters at risk

Imagine a country where you can get 30 years just for an abortion…

Issue: Gender and Health

Down Syndrome screening recommended for all expectant moms

Issue: Women, Body Image and the Politics of Size

Is skinny going out of fashion?

Fat girl thin

Here’s to a well-rounded new year

Warning over pro-anorexia sites

As obesity fight hits cafeteria, many fear a note from school

Issues: Modern Feminism

The truth about female stereotypes

Divas of disaster

Liberté, egalité, fraternité – but less so for women

Issue: The state of modern relationships

It will be lonely this Christmas

No sex please: We’re married

In dorms, men and women now room together

Money doesn’t talk

Would you buy a love affair from this man?


No. 10 ‘blocked move to legalise prostitution’

Starving Afghans sells girls of 8 as brides

Lost in America: A mother’s odyssey to find her lost son

Gender Issues Digest – Edition 39 December 17, 2006

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Interviews, Profiles and Obituaries

Profile: American Pastoral – Willa Cather

Profile: Adviser to Senator Clinton stays in the shadows – Patti Solis Doyle

Profile: Inside the world of Mrs Brown – Sarah Brown

Profile: The Closest Reader – Helen Vendler

Profile: The naked wonder in her face – Marilyn Monroe

Profile: Billion dollar baby – Mary-Kate Olsen

Profile: Nancy Pelosi

Interview: The next big thing – Beth Ditto

Interview: And for my next role – Cate Blanchett

Interview: Out of the darkness – Sharon Osbourne

Interview: If you can’t stand the heat – Martha Stewart

Interview: Saintlier than thou – The All Saints

Interview: It’s all gone widescreen – Helena Bonham Carter

Interview: Bye-bye Baby – Emma Bunton

Interview: Queen of the Islands – Imelda Marcos

Obituary: Betty Comden, lyricist for musicals, dies aged 89

Obituary: Doris Halsey, Aldous Huxley’s literary agent, dies aged 80


Barbara Ellen: When it comes to overindulging, posh boys don’t have enough class

Kirsty Wark: In deep with Madonna

Julie Bindel: Why are pregnant lesbians scary?

Issue: The Politics of Contraception, Reproduction and Abortion

Childless – Some by chance, some by choice

After decades of opposition, Vatican view on condoms begin to change

Bishops stand firm on birth control

But will men take it? – the new male contraceptive

The ‘men’s rooms’ of fertility clinics

Doctors offer illegal baby sexing

Doctors: Let us kill disabled babies

Issue: Gender and Health

The weighty responsibility of drinking for two

The Exhaustion Epidemic

Reversing trend: Big drop is seen in breast cancer

Condoms ‘too big’ for Indian men

Most men ‘unhappy with penis ops’

Chinese province plans pre-marriage AIDS test

Issue: Gender and Alternative Sexualities

It’s raining men

Gay donor or gay dad?

Gay and evangelical, seeking acceptance

Issue: The State of Modern Relationships

Husband and wives

Immigration: A love story

They’d rather die – the brief lives of Afghan slave wives

Issue: The Politics of Size

Big people on campus

Issue: Gender, Fashion and Beauty

FDA will allow breast implants made out of silicone

How’s this for a fit: A shoe line by Imelda Marcos

They’ve gotta have it

What sane and sensible woman would pay £1000 for a makeover?

What not to wear over 35 if you are a man

Is this your beauty decade?

Gender and Food

A girl’s guide to eating and drinking

Eat, Memory: Bardot’s Little Helper

Recipes for living


Woman Bishop takes over Church

Reforms still leave British women short of pensions

From head scarf to army cap, making a new life

Sisters, mothers, martyrs

Hardliners turn on Ahmadinejad for watching women dancers

As vice dragnet recalls bad old days, Chinese cry out

Celebrity ‘rape trial’ reality TV show sparks outrage

Confessions of a party girl

Stripping is an art, Norway decides

Plastic Surgery Primer December 13, 2006

Posted by victoriar in Issue: Fashion and Beauty.
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Silicone breast implants returning to the market , an interesting editorial on cosmetic genital surgery, and, of course, the full body face lift.

Botched Abortions in Guatemala December 13, 2006

Posted by victoriar in Issue: The Politics of Contraception and Abortion, Issue: Women in Developing Countries, The Americas: Central America.

Blog entry from Xeni at BoingBoing regarding her trip to Guatemala.  Statistics are scary.